Heat Pump Prices: Heat Pump Installation Cost In Vancouver

Here are some ballpark prices for installing an air source heat pump in Vancouver BC.

Basic heat pump added to existing furnace: $5000-$6000
Premium heat pump added to existing furnace: $7500-$9000
Basic heat pump with basic variable speed high efficiency furnace: $10,000 (A heat pump could be installed with a non-variable speed furnace for less, but heat pumps work much better with variable speed furnaces.)
Premium heat pump with premium furnace: $12,500

•You will save about $1000 when you have a furnace and heat pump installed together. This is because certain tasks such as making a new duct work transition and installing a new thermostat will not have to be repeated separately.

•These are only ballpark estimates for an average home. Actual costs can vary widely depending on your home’s requirement, the contractor selected, present equipment costs, and several other factors.

•These are approximations of what you should expect to pay for an installation by a reputable, established contractor who performs quality work. You can get a heat pump installed for less if low price is your primary concern.

To determine the actual cost to install a heat pump in your home, call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) to schedule your free in-home quotation. Or use our online form.

What about geothermal heat pumps?

Geothermal heat pumps costs at least $20,000 to install. In many cases, they can cost over $50,000. We don’t install geothermal systems, because they offer only moderately higher efficiencies for much higher prices.

How long does it take to install a heat pump?

Installing a heat pump requires several tasks, including:

1) Running refrigerant lines from the indoor unit (above the furnace) to the outdoor unit of the heat pump.
2) Running a power line from the breaker panel to the heat pump.
3) Reworking the ductwork above the furnace to accommodate the indoor unit of the heat pump.
4) Installing a new thermostat (and running a line to it).
5) Testing the system.

Heat Pump System

A heat pump includes an outdoor unit (1) connected to an indoor unit (6) that sits on top of the furnace (3).

There are many corners that can be cut (such as not verifying the refrigerant lines have been properly cleared of air before adding the refrigerant, and not making sure the unit is properly levelled). However, installing a heat pump to the manufacturer’s specifications will usually take a team of 2 technicians at least 1.5 days. If a new furnace is also being installed, it should take a minimum of 2 full days.

Visit our heat pumps page to learn more about your options for installing a new heat pump.

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