Furnace Prices: Gas Furnace Installation Cost In Vancouver

Here are some ballpark prices for installing a gas furnace in Vancouver BC:


Basic 90-93% efficient furnace, budget installation: $4000
95% efficient two-stage furnace: $4800
95% efficient variable speed furnace:  $5300
95-98% efficient variable capacity furnace: $5800


(These ballpark prices were last updated June 2020.)


• These are only ballpark estimates for an average home. Actual costs can vary widely depending on your home’s requirements, the contractor selected, present equipment costs, market conditions, and several other factors.

• These are approximations of what you should expect to pay for an installation by a reputable, established contractor who performs quality work. You can get a furnace installed for less if low price is your primary concern.

• These estimates do not include add-ons such as advanced filtration systems, advanced programmable thermostats, humidifiers, etc.


To determine the actual cost to install a furnace in your home, call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) to schedule your free in-home quotation. Or use our online form.


Visit our furnaces page to learn more about your options for installing a new furnace (such as the difference between single stage, two-stage, variable speed, and variable capacity).

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