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New Furnaces

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FortisBC Furnace Rebate

Right now you can receive a rebate of $500 when you install a 95-96.9% efficient furnace and a $700 rebate when you install a 97-99% efficient furnace. Your current furnace must be over 10 years old, non-high efficiency, and not in need of repairs over $1000. A limited number of rebates are available. See the full terms and conditions here.

If your home is low income, you may qualify for a rebate of $2000-$3000. Low income is defined as $32,900 or less for a 1 person household, $41,000 for 2 people, $50,400 for 3, $61,200 for 4, $69,400 for 5, $78,300 for 6, and $87,200 for 7 people. Click here for details.

New Furnace Options

When choosing a new furnace, you have many options. The most important considerations are explained in our 4 minute video. Or you can read below for more details.


Watch our video: The five most important factors to consider when buying a new furnace


New furnaces from Good Guys Heating use up to 40% less natural gas than older models

Natural gas prices have more than tripled in the past 10 years (1), and many analysts are forecasting further price increases. Fortunately, the efficiency ratings of new furnaces have also been increasing. In 1995, the  government raised the minimum required efficiency of new furnaces to 78%. Most furnaces installed before this time were only 60-70% efficient, and very old furnaces can be less than 50% efficient. New Lennox, Amana, and Goodman furnaces are 90% to 95% efficient. They can reduce your heating costs by up to 40%.

Heating Costs Comparison

These amounts were formerly posted on BC Hydro's web site, and are based on energy consumption for space heating in the average BC home. Some homes have much higher heating costs.

Since space heating accounts for about 60% of the average home’s energy cost (according to Natural Resources Canada’s Heating With Gas) these savings can be substantial, and a new furnace can pay for itself in as few as five years.


Variable speed DC motors: Save on electricity, too

Everyone knows that their furnace is their home’s main consumer of natural gas. But according to Natural Resources Canada, a furnace’s fan motor is in "many cases the  largest consumer of electricity in the household." (3)

While most homes currently have furnaces with AC motors, some new furnaces have variable speed DC motors which only use about half as much electricity. If the fan is being run continuously, a variable speed DC motor will only use about $61 of electricity compared to $263 with a standard motor. If the fan is being run during heating only then consumption should be about $44 per year compared to $79 per year with a standard motor. (4)

Continuously running a variable speed fan will result in more even temperatures from room to room due to the continuous flow of air. Continuous airflow will also result in improved humidity and cleaner air from increased use of the filter. For more information on these motors see BC Hydro's vsm h.e.l.p. sheet. Having two-stage burners can further reduce household temperature variances.


Two-stage furnaces for improved home comfort

Older furnaces only operate at full capacity, or "high fire" when they come on. On moderately cool days, they wait until your home gets cooler than the thermostats set point, and then blast in hot air for a brief period of time until your home gets too hot. Most of the furnaces we now install are two-stage furnaces which can operate at a lower capacity, or "low-fire" mode, on milder days. The furnaces runs at a lower level more consistently with the fan circulating the air longer, resulting in more even temperatures over time and from room to room within your home. A two-stage furnace will also run quieter in the lower stage.

Temperature swing


Our furnaces are quieter, too

Some of the furnaces we install are among the quietest models ever made. Ask one of our comfort advisors for details durnig your free consulation and quotation.


Lennox SLP98 Furnace

Lennox SLP98: The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy


We offer some of the longest warranties available. Some of our furnaces even include a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Ask one of our comfort advisors for details.


How do new furnaces use so much less gas than older ones?

New 80% furnaces use less energy than older furnaces due to many design improvements, including

1) lack of a pilot light (hot-surface ignition is used instead)

2) closing off of the chimney when the burners are off- there is not always an opening for heat loss

3) a heat exchanger with more surface area enabling more exchange of heat

A high efficiency (90-95%) furnace achieves its rating by releasing the chimney gases at a lower temperature. In regular furnaces, the chimney gases leave the chimney at well over the boiling point of water so that they can rise quickly without rusting the heat exchanger and chimney pipe. In a high efficiency furnace, more heat is removed from these gases in a second stainless steel heat exchanger and a second fan then blows them outside in a plastic pipe.


Reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions

According to the Environment Canada report Climate Change Plan for Canada (2), 28.7% of personal greenhouse gas emissions are from space heating, compared to 49.9% from transportation. Since there are more than twice as many vehicles as household furnace/ boilers, this means that the average furnace/boiler produces more ghg’s than the average vehicle. When you reduce the amount of natural gas you use to heat your home by a certain percentage, your ghg’s from heating should be reduced by about the same amount.

Personal ghg emissions



Good Guys Plumbing & Heating: Your top choice for furnace installations

Today's high-tech furnaces won't provide the comfort, reliability, quietness, and energy savings they are capable of if they are not installed properly. As the systems have become more complex, so has their installation. At Good Guys Heating Cooling & Plumbing, our weekly training sessions ensure our installers have the knowledge to perform top quality installations. We allow them to spend the time necessary to design, install, and set up your system for optimal performance.

We believe so much in our products and overall installation quality that we include a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee with most of our installations. Please contact our office for details.

Call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) for more information or to schedule a free quote on a furnace installation. Or use our online schedule quote form.

You can see 9 different furnaces in operation at our showroom at 12981 80th Ave in Surrey.


More Information

Natural Resources Canada's Heating With Gas guide

BC Hydro's brochure explaining the advantages of variable speed fan motors

Furnace Model Information

Lennox Furnace Models
Amana Furnace Models





4) BC Hydro Variable Speed Motors h.e.l.p. sheet

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