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Hot Water Tank Specials

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Why choose Good Guys for your hot water tank repair/replacement?

-Fast installation. Our professional hot water tank installers know how to get your tank installed quickly- without compromising on quality. Installation usually takes less than 3 hours.

-Same day installation usually available.

-Competitive rates. Our rates on hot water tanks are as low or lower than most of our competitors.

We install both gas and electric hot water tanks

-6 year warranty against leaks (for gas models). The Bradford White and Rheem hot water tanks we install include a standard 6-year warranty against leaks. The Rheem Energy Star tanks also include a 6 year warranty on other parts (most other tanks only include a 1-2 year warranty on other parts). Extended parts & labor warranties are also available.

-Warranty checks available. Call us with the model and serial number of your current hot water tank and we will check to see if the warranty is still valid (if you think it might be less than 6 years old or if you have an extended warranty). We will check to see if the warranty is still valid and whether it includes the tank & labour or just the tank.

-Pre-purchased permit with each installation. A permit ensures that your hot water tank is installed safely and correctly, as it will be subject to inspection. Pre-purchasing our permits allows us to complete the installation without delay.

-Energy efficient water heaters. Our water heaters meet the new energy standard (EF 0.61 or greater) and use up to 20% less energy than older tanks. The Rheem Energy Star tanks use even less.

-Larger & faster recovery hot water tanks are available. Upgrade to a 50 gallon tank or higher for more capacity.

-“Tall” hot water tanks are available for installation in tight spaces.

-Upgrades available to protect against water damage or earthquake damage. Water damage is now the leading cause of home insurance claims. Drain pans and automatic water shut off valves are available to reduce the risk of water damage. Earthquake restraints and automatic gas shut-off valves are also available to reduce the risk of gas leakage in the event of an earthquake.

-Tankless water heaters also available. Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water and use up to 50% less energy than hot water tanks. However, they also cost more to install and some models cannot provide enough hot water to run 2 showers at the same time. See our tankless water heaters page to learn more about these systems.

To schedule your hot water tank installation, call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) or use our online form.

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