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Condensing Storage Tank Water Heaters

A condensing storage tank is similar to a regular hot water tank, but is much more durable and more efficient. If you install a qualified condensing storage tank, you can also get a $1000 rebate from FortisBC (conditions apply).

Pros of a condensing storage tank (compared to a standard hot water tank)

–90-96% efficient, compared to 53-61% for standard hot water tanks. Save $100-$150 per year on hot water heating costs (homes with higher consumption may save more).

–Higher capacity. Condensing storage tanks have at least 2.5-4x the output of standard hot water tanks.

–More durable tanks. A standard hot water tank has a glazed steel tank with a single anode rod to prevent corrosion. At a minimum, condensing storage tanks have a more durable glazed steel tank with dual anode rods. Many condensing models are entirely stainless steel for even greater durability.

–Condensing water heaters can be used to heat your home as well as your hot water. A condensing water heater with an output of 120k+ Btu can replace an existing boiler and hot water tank. A hydronic air handler can be added to replace a furnace. Hot water from the tank will flow through a coil in the hydronic air handler, and air from the home will be heated up as it is blown over the coil.

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Cons of a condensing storage tank (compared to a standard hot water tank)

–Much higher cost than other water heating solutions. A basic installation of a 90% efficient 70-80k Btu condensing storage tank with extra-durable steel tank typically costs about $4500. A basic installation of a 95% efficient 120-140k Btu stainless steel model typically costs about $6500. A FortisBC rebate of $1000 and a LiveSmart BC grant of $300 bring the final cost down to as low as $3200.

–Require regular maintenance. Repair parts may have to be shipped in from out of town. Require electricity to run the exhaust fan, so hot water will not be available in the event of a power outage (but the stored water will still be available).

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