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In a typical BC home, the air is too dry. This is especially true in the winter. On cold days the air can reach relative humidity levels of around 20%, compared to an ideal level of 40-50%.

A whole house humidifier can eliminate the negative effects of low humidity. These effects include:

-Higher heating costs. Dry air feels colder than humid air, so excessively dry air can lead to raising the thermostat higher to stay comfortable.

-Dry skin & lips. Low humidity levels can cause skin to become dry and itchy and may even cause skin on your hands & lips to crack.

-Dry throat. A dry throat makes you more susceptible to many diseases. According to a recent article on Natural Geographic “Influenza germs last longer and pass from person to person more effectively in lower absolute humidity”.

-Damage to wood and other household items. Dry air can cause wood floors and furniture to warp and crack over time. The same goes for other items such as artwork, antiques, and plaster.

Whole-house humidifiers: only one system to maintain

A Lennox whole-house humidifier hooks up to your furnace’s ductwork and can increase the humidity throughout your home. A water line will be installed to the unit so you will not have to refill the system as is required with single room humidifiers. Also, you will only have one humidifier pad to change, rather than several. Or, if you choose a steam humidifier, you won’t have any pad to change at all!

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