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FortisBC Energy Star Tankless Water Heater Program: Install a tankless water heater and get a $400-$500 rebate from FortisBC

When you install a new tankless water heater before June 30th, 2013 FortisBC will give you a $400-$500 rebate. The amount of the rebate depends on the efficiency of the tankless water heater:

Water heater typeEfficiency rating*Rebate
Non-condensing tankless​0.82 – 0.89 EF​$400​
Condensing tankless​0.90 – 0.99 EF​$500​
Condensing hybrid ​90 – 99% TE$500​
Condensing storage tank​90 – 99% TE$1,000​

*EF = energy factor; TE = thermal efficiency

A hybrid water heater is a tankless water heater that also has a small hot water tank. This eliminates the delay in hot water delivery that tankless water heaters have.

Benefits of a tankless water heater:

-Tankless water heaters use 46% less energy than hot water tanks, according to a recent CMHC study.

-Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water. Units are available that can supply 2 or more outputs (showers, washing machines, taps, etc.) at a time.

-Last about twice as long as a hot water tank (expected to last 15+ years).

-Are made of materials such as stainless steel that will not rust and potentially compromise water quality.

-Take up less space than a hot water tank.

-Reduced risk of water damage. They do not have a large store of hot water that will inevitably leak.

Cons of a tankless water heater:

-Higher initial costs. Cost at least $1000 more than a hot water tank to install.

-Longer start-up delays. A tankless water heater usually takes at least 10 seconds longer than a hot water tank to supply hot water to a tap. (“Hybrid water heaters”, which are tankless units with a small storage tank, eliminate this problem and also qualify for a $500 FortisBC rebate.)

-Require more maintenance than a hot water tank.

Learn more about the pros and cons of tankless systems on our tankless water heaters page.

Note that there is also a $1000 rebate for condensing storage tanks. These tanks are expensive (over $4000 to install), but they offer a much greater output of hot water than a regular hot water tank, in addition to being more energy efficient. For homes that use hot water for space heating (either radiant in-floor or baseboard), some models of condensing water heater can also be used to heat your home.

Learn more on our condensing storage tanks page.

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