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Furnace Prices: Gas Furnace Installation Cost In Vancouver

Here are some ballpark starting prices for installing a gas furnace in the Greater Vancouver area:

90-93% efficient single-stage furnace: $4900
95% efficient two-stage furnace: $5600
95-96% efficient two-stage variable speed furnace: $6100
95-99% efficient variable capacity furnace: $6700

These prices were last updated April 2022.

These prices include the furnace, as well as installation and other required materials. However, these are only ballpark starting prices. There are many factors that can raise the cost, as well as a couple factors that can reduce the cost.

Factors that can increase the price:

Installation factors

Since 2010, only 90%+ efficient furnaces can be installed in Canada. These high efficiency furnaces extract so much heat from the exhaust gases that the steam becomes liquid water. Since the metal venting used by older furnaces will rust, new plastic venting will need to be installed. This plastic venting will be run horizontally out the side of your home. Typically, this venting can be run a short distance through a joist space or garage to the side of your home (the vent cannot exit the home near an openable window). However, if this vent must be run a long distance or if an easy path is not available, the installation will be more difficult.

New furnaces also require drainage. Usually, a functional floor drain is present near the furnace. If this is not the case, the installation will be more difficult. In some municipalities a condensate neutralizer is also required.

Your installation may also be more difficult if there is little space around your furnace, such as if it is packed tightly into a closet or if it is in a crawlspace.

These are some of the most commonly encountered complications- but since every home is unique other less common difficulties may be found.

Home size

These prices are for average size homes, in larger homes a larger (and more expensive) furnace will be required.

Optional extras

These prices do not include optional extras such as programmable thermostats, advanced filtration systems, humidifiers, etc.

If you don’t have a natural gas furnace

These prices are for natural gas furnaces. Furnaces use ductwork to distribute hot air throughout your home. Many homeowners in Greater Vancouver have boilers which distribute hot water through a system of baseboard heaters or pipes under the floor. If you have a boiler, you should see our boilers page instead.

These prices are also for furnaces that run on natural gas. If your furnace runs on oil, electricity, or propane, prices will vary.

Factors that can lower the price:

If you already have a high efficiency furnace

The prices listed are for upgrading to a high efficiency furnace from a mid or low efficiency system. If you already have a high efficiency furnace, your current venting and drainage may be reusable. It may also be easier to fit a new furnace. The more recently your furnace was installed, and the better the quality of the installation, the easier your next installation is likely to be.


Since there are many factors that will determine the exact price of installing a new furnace in your home, the only way to know the exact cost is to schedule an in-home quotation. Call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) to schedule your free in-home quotation. Or use our online form.

See our furnaces page to learn more about new furnaces.

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