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Tankless Water Heater Reviews / Ratings: Which Brand Is Best?

When buying items such as home appliances, homeowners often look to publications such as Consumer’s Reports for guidance.

Unfortunately, none of the major consumer publications (such as Consumer Reports or Consumer Guide) have reviewed or conducted reliability testing on tankless water heaters. Also, none of the major surveying organizations (such as JD Power) publish ratings for tankless water heaters.

There are many forums and online stores where homeowners can place reviews of tankless water heaters. Unfortunately, going over these forums can be very time consuming and confusing due to the many contradictory opinions (and many of the bad reviews are likely due to systems performing poorly due to improper installation, rather than the unit itself).

So how can you ensure a quality tankless water heater installation? By choosing a well-established contractor that guarantees their work and provides long term labour warranties on their tankless water heater installations.

A company that stands behind their installations will be sure to install high quality systems. In the past, we have installed some tankless water heater models that didn’t work well. But due to our guarantees & warranties, we ended up paying most of the costs, not our customers. We currently install Bosch and Navien tankless water heaters, and we are very satisfied with their reliability and performance.

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Learn more about tankless water heaters (both the pros and cons) on our tankless water heaters page.

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