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InSinkErator Garburators: Vancouver area garbage disposal installations

InSinkErator, a division of General Electric, is the top selling brand of garburators. They are known for making the quietest garburators on the market (for their Evolution series).

Badger Series

The Badger Series is InSinkErator’s lower cost line of garburators. They have galvanized steel grinding components, which are not as durable as the stainless steel components in the higher-end Evolution Series models.

Badger models include shorter warranties (1-3 years) than Evolution Series models. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty only covers manufacturing defects- it does not include things such as normal wear. For this reason we suggest you don’t expect all repairs to be covered, and that you should mainly consider the guarantees offered by the installing company.

The Badger Series includes the 1/3 hp Badger 1, the 1/2 hp Badger 5, and the 3/4 hp Badger 5 XP. The models share similar features except for the horsepower level.

Evolution Series

The Evolution Series is InSinkErator’s higher-end line of garburators. These models feature stainless steel grinding components for enhanced durability, and they have longer warranties (4-7 years). They are also the quietest garburators you can buy.

Evolution Excel: This is the top InSinkErator garburator. It features a powerful 1 hp motor and is the quitest garburator you can buy, besides the Evolution Cover Control (which features a drain cover that reduces noise).

Evolution Essential: This is the second best InSinkErator garburator, with a 3/4 hp motor. It is slightly louder than the Evolution Excel but still one of the quietest garburators available.

Evolution Compact: Similar to the Evolution Essential but designed for situations when there is a lack of space under the sink. It has less sound insulation than the Essential, which makes it a bit louder.

Evolution Cover Control: This is also similar to the Evolution Essential, but it has a cap that must be put in place before the garburator can begin to grind. This is for when additional safety is desired, such as when children are present in the home.

How much power do you need?

This depends on what you want to grind.

Lettuce and carrot peels can be problematic for less powerful garburators (1/3 and 1/2 hp units). These should be slowly fed down the drain.

If you want to grind tougher, more fibrous items such as corn husks, potatos and potato peels, celery, artichokes, fruit pits, bones, and egg shells, then you should select a more powerful unit (3/4 hp or 1 hp). Even with more powerful units, these items should be ground with caution.

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