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Waste King Garburators: Vancouver garbage disposal installations

North America’s best regarded consumer publication has rated Waste King’s higher end garburators (the Gourmet SS3300 and Legend 8000) as the best systems available (the Gourmet SS3300 was recently replaced with the Legend 3300). They were found to grind food faster and more finely than other garburators, minimizing the chances of jams or clogs. Their noise levels were also quieter than average.

Compared to InSinkErator garburators, Waste King models generally have higher RPM motors. This is why they are generally better at grinding food, but also somewhat noisier.

Higher end Waste King models include a stainless steel grinding chamber and grinding components, which makes them more durable than models with plastic chambers and galvanized steel grinding components. These models include a lifetime corrosion warranty.

Waste King models also include the longest warranties in the business, with some models even including lifetime warranties. These are in-home service warranties, which means that Waste King will send someone out and replace it for free if necessary (so you don’t even pay labour). However, note that this warranty only covers manufacturer’s defects. It does not include drain blockages that the garburator fails to prevent, nor does it include normal wear and tear, jams, or other issues. The network of contractors who provide this service (who may not be the same as the installing company) might also change and service might not be available in your area.

For these reasons, we suggest you mainly look at the warranties and guarantees offered by the installing company rather than the manufacturer.

However, while we don’t recommend you assume the manufacturer’s warranty will cover required repairs, the length of the warranty is an indication of the units overall durability and reliability.

Features to consider


More powerful units typically also have more durable grinding components and are suitable for grinding a larger variety of food waste.

Lettuce and carrot peels can be problematic for less powerful garburators (1/3 and 1/2 hp units). These should be slowly fed down the drain.

If you want to grind tougher, more fibrous items such as corn husks, potatos and potato peels, celery, artichokes, fruit pits, bones, and egg shells, then you should select a more powerful unit (3/4 hp or 1 hp). Even with more powerful units, these items should be ground with caution.

Stainless steel grinding chamber & components

Some units have stainless steel grinding components, while some have less expensive galvanized steel grinding compontents. The stainless steel components are more durable, and will not corrode over time. Stainless steel units typically last longer.

EZ Mount or 3-Bolt Mount

In the past, garburators were fasted to the sink adapter by 3 bolts. Now, garburators with a rubber attachment (called an “EZ mount” system by Waste King) are becoming more popular.

While resulting in a slightly less sturdy installation, the EZ mount system is also slightly easier to install and enables a quicker replacement when necessary. The splash guard can also be more easily removed to allow clearing of the grinding components (if necessary- but be careful the power supply has been disabled when doing so).

Since the slightly lesser support provided by the EZ mount system is rarely a problem, these systems have become more popular and are much more widely available. For this reason, we usually install EZ mount Waste King garburators.

Batch feed

Batch feed models require a cap to be inserted above the drain before the garburator can be operated. This is useful when additional safety is desired, such as in homes where children are present (it also prevents the accidental dropping of silverware, watches, etc. down the drain which may damage the garburator or the items dropped).

Waste King Garburator Model Guide

Waste King basically makes 6 different models of garburator. However, they each come in up to 3 different versions: an EZ mount version, a 3-bolt mount version, and a batch feed version.

1/3 HP, 2 year warranty, galvanized steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 111   3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9910   Batch Feed Model: NA

1/2 HP, 2 year warranty, galvanized steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 1001   3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9920   Batch Feed Model: NA

1/2 HP, 5 year warranty, stainless steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 2600   3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9930   Batch Feed Model: Legend 2600TC

3/4 HP, 8 year warranty, stainless steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 3200  3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9940   Batch Feed Model: NA

3/4 HP, 10 year warranty, stainless steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 3300   3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9950   Batch Feed Model: Legend 5000TC

1 HP, lifetime warranty, stainless steel grinding system
EZ Mount Model: Legend 8000  3-Bolt Mount: Legend 9980   Batch Feed Model: 8000TC (batch feed model only includes 10 year warranty)

We currently install Waste King garburators starting from $289. See our online specials on garburator installatons.

To schedule a garburator installation, call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) or use our online form.

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