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2023 Fortis BC Water Heater Rebates

*** All rebates on gas water heaters have ended as of Dec. 31, 2023

See our current water heater offerings on our water heaters page.

The only remaining government rebates are for heat pumps. See our heat pumps page for details.

Energy Star Hot Water Tank: $200 rebate

You can get a $200 FortisBC rebate when you install a new Energy Star hot water tank.

These water heaters are 67-69% efficient. Standard new hot water tanks are about 62% efficient and older hot water tanks are typically under 60% efficient.

The efficiency rating of a hot water tank is an estimate of the amount of heat produced that will actually go into hot water you use, as opposed to being wasted through the venting.

Energy Star hot water tanks are more efficient because they have a valve that closes off the chimney when the burners are not in use. This prevents heat from escaping. They also have better insulation among other improvements.

More terms and conditions apply. See the CleanBC rebate program PDF for details.

We currently have a special on Energy Star water heaters:

Call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466-3489) to schedule your water heater installation, or use our online form.

Condensing Tankless Water Heaters: $1000 rebate

A tankless water heater produces hot water as you use it.

These units provide an endless supply of hot water, but they can only provide a limited amount at any given time. Typically, only larger units can supply two showers or appliances at the same time.

Condensing units that qualify for the rebate are over 90% efficient, and may be up to 97% efficient.

Condensing tankless water heaters start at about $5500, including installation, before the rebate.

Learn more about these systems on our tankless water heaters page.

If you have a boiler (rather than a furnace) you can install a combination boiler that replaces both your boiler and hot water tank. You can receive a $1500 rebate on these systems (including the two-upgrade bonus). See our combination boiler rebate page for details.

Condensing Hot Water Tank: $1000 rebate

There is also a $1000 rebate on condensing hot water tanks. These are highly efficient (90%+) hot water tanks. However, a good stainless steel model costs over $6000 to install.

Two-Upgrade Bonus

When you perform a second qualifying upgrade (such as a new high efficiency furnace, an EnerChoice fireplace, insulation, or doors/windows), you can receive an additional $300 two-upgrade bonus. Only one bonus is available per home.

Larger rebates for low income households

Low income households may qualify for larger rebates: $500 for an Energy Star hot water tank or $2500 for a condensing tankless water heater or condensing hot water tank.

Low income is defined as having an income of less than $35,800 for a 1 person household, $44,500 for 2 people, $54,700 for 3 people, $66,500 for 4 people, $75,400 for 5 people, $85,000 for 6 people, and $94,700 for 7+ people.

See details in the FortisBC income qualified water heater rebate form for details.

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