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New Boiler Prices: Cost to install a new boiler in Vancouver BC

Here are some ballpark starting prices for new boilers in the Greater Vancouver area. These prices were last updated January 2022.

Mid efficiency boiler installation, using existing water side components:
From $5500 including installation

Mid efficiency boilers are 80-85% efficient. While they are not as efficient as new high efficiency boilers, they are still significantly more efficient than boilers made in the 90s or earlier (which can be as low as 65% efficient). The “water side components” are the other components in the boiler room, which we recommend replacing so they suit your new system (and because they are likely older and will require replacement at some point anyways). See our boilers page to learn more about your boiler options.

Mid efficiency boiler installation with new water side components:
From $8500 including installation

Replacing the water side components will ensure optimal performance, and enable years of worry-free operation.

High efficiency combination boiler:
From $12,800 including installation (before rebate)

A combination boiler is a boiler that replaces both your current boiler and hot water tank. High efficiency boilers are at least 90% efficient and some are over 95% efficient. A FortisBC rebate of up to $1500 is currently available on new high efficiency combination boilers (this includes the $300 two-upgrade bonus, since it counts as both a space and water heating system).

See our FortisBC boiler rebates page for details.

Other factors that can affect the price

Some factors that can cause the cost to vary are:
-The size of your home
-The efficiency, brand, warranty, and other features of the boiler selected
-How many zones your home has, and how many water side components (such as pumps and expansion tanks) your system has
-If you want an indirect fired water heater installed. This is basically an extra storage tank that, when added to a combination boiler, will ensure hot water is always available, without delay, even during high demand periods

-These prices are assuming your home does not currently have a high efficiency system. High efficiency systems require new venting and drainage. If your home currently has a high efficiency boiler, installation costs may be lower. The newer your current boiler is, and the higher the quality of the installation, the more likely it is that venting and other components can be reused.

How long does it take to install a boiler?

Boiler installations usually take a crew of two at least two days, but may take as many as five days. There are many tasks to perform, and It takes a lot of time to install all of the different components in a way that suits your home.

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